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Muhsen Mini Summer Camp

Designed with children with special needs in mind, the Muhsen Mini Summer Camp began by diving into the world of desert ecosystems. In a straightforward and engaging manner, the kids learned about these unique environments. They then put their knowledge into practice, creating miniature desert boxes.

The Thrill of Science

Science came alive with a thrilling volcano experiment. This hands-on approach not only sparked the kids’ interest in natural sciences but also resonated well with different learning abilities.

Exploring Sensory Skills

A key part of the camp focused on sensory development. The kids made sensory bottles, filling them with materials that appeal to different senses. This fun and engaging activity helped children with sensory processing issues.

A Creative Dive into Marine Ecosystems

Next up was an exploration of marine ecosystems. The children used their creativity to paint beautiful beach canvases depicting ocean life. Art proved to be an effective means of both learning and self-expression for these special needs kids.

A Memorable Visit to Sea Quest

The camp ended on a high note with a trip to Sea Quest, an interactive aquatic and petting zoo. The kids interacted with various creatures, sparking curiosity and offering multi-sensory enjoyment. Real-world experiences like these are invaluable for children with special needs.

Appreciation for the Muhsen Team

The hard work, dedication, and tireless effort put forth by the Muhsen team ensured the success of the camp. May Allah swt protect our children and reward the Muhsen team for their hard work and dedication!

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