Board Members

Executive Committee

Hafeez Muhammad


Zeeshan Sarwar

General Secretary

Zeeshan Sarwar has resided in Folsom since 2010 and has served as MCF’s General Secretary since 2019. Professionally, he is a Design Engineer at AMD Folsom. Zeeshan also serves on the board of Sakina Women’s Transitional Home, a joint-venture between MCF and ICNA Relief to assist Muslim women who are battling homelessness. Zeeshan is also the Committee Chair for MCF’s Cub Scout Pack 786 and is the Tigers Den Leader as well.

Zeeshan is happily married with 3 children, with his eldest attending college and his youngest in elementary school at Folsom Educational Academy. In his free time, he enjoys outdoor activities, spending time with family and friends, and camping.

Abdul Hafeez


Abdul Hafeez has been both a resident of Folsom and a member of MCF since 2011. Before serving in the role of MCF’s Treasurer, Abdul Hafeez completed a two-year term as MCF’s Facilities Secretary, and as the Treasurer of Folsom Education Academy prior to that. He joined the board to help serve the community’s needs and to improve services provided by MCF. One of his favorite things about MCF is the feeling of a small community which feels like a large family since everyone knows each other. In his spare time, Abdul Hafeez loves running and outdoor activities.

Rehan S. Alvi

Facilities Secretary

A Northern California native, Rehan S. Alvi currently serves on the MCF Executive Committee in the role of Secretary of Facilities. Rehan first moved to the area 32 years ago when his parents fell in love with the natural beauty of El Dorado Hills and decided that it would be the perfect place to raise their young family. Rehan attended area schools, played sports in city leagues, and spent many years as a member of the local Boy Scouts troop. After high school, Rehan left the area for college and work.

While attending medical school he met his wife, Rubina, and after graduation, they spent some time living in San Francisco and Southern California but ultimately decided to move back to El Dorado Hills to be closer to family.

Rehan has been a member of MCF since 2018 and is thrilled to be a part of this very special community. In addition to serving on MCF’s Board, he also serves as General Secretary of MCF’s Cub Scouts Pack 786 and as a Webelos Den Leader. During his tenure on the board, Rehan looks forward to bringing a fresh infusion of energy and ideas to all MCF programs and helping lay the foundation for MCF”s future expansion.

In his free time, Rehan enjoys hiking, sailing, camping, tinkering with technology, and spending time with family and friends. 

Farris Elghassein

Youth Secretary

Farris Elghassein has grown up in the Sacramento area and serves on MCF’s Board as the Youth Secretary. A recent graduate of Sacramento State, he works for Caltrans as a Civil Engineer and in his free time enjoys playing sports, especially soccer, and having a good time with friends. He is always open to having a conversation regarding the youth programs at MCF or in the Sacramento area at large.

Mohammed Rahman

Social Secretary

Since 2021, Mohammed Rashidur Rahman is serving as social secretary at MCF to offer activities that would foster closer bonding, understanding, interconnection, appreciation for our cultural diversity, and community building.  He has resided in Folsom since 2017.  He has been working for major semiconductor corporations for over 25 years and is currently working for Solidigm Corporation.

Born in a conservative family in Bangladesh, Mohammed carries the core values of Islam.  He has a personal goal of empowering others to help raise people’s awareness about Islam and protecting its core principles.  He continuously works toward building children’s Islamic characters throughout different Halaqa programs. He is married and has two boys and a girl. All three of his children have grown up revolving around Islamic principles and have attended Islamic schools.

Mohammed is an active member of BDesh foundations, a non-profit charitable organization that serves needy people in the US and Bangladesh; active projects include the Covid-19 emergency relief program, sanitation program, serve a meal day, health care, and Rohingya relief programs. He also engages with MOVE (Muslim Outreach & Volunteer Enterprise), a non-profit organization that provides food for the poor and needy people in Greater Sacramento.

Mohammed is very enthusiastic about growing awareness about Islam in the West. He wants to increase interfaith dialogue, promote Islam as a religion of peace, and outreach to different faith groups in the Folsom community.

Haroon Rasheed

Outreach Secretary

Women’s Committee

Yumna Mohammed Ali

Women’s Affairs

Yumna is originally from Baghdad, Iraq, and recently moved to the Sacramento region. As a newcomer, Yumna wanted to start her new life here around Dawah and serving the Muslim community. An interior designer by profession, she uses her design skills to create visual content and marketing for MCF. She also enjoys organizing events for children, youth, and women that could help strengthen their Islamic identity. In her free time, she likes to hike, bake, and read.

Rubina Alvi

Women’s Affairs

Rubina Alvi serves on the MCF Women’s Committee and has been a member of MCF since 2018. Originally from Southern California, Rubina moved to El Dorado Hills a few years ago and fell in love with life in Northern California.

She loves how MCF has over 400 families but is still able to maintain that tight-knit community and small-masjid feeling.

Through MCF, Rubina has been active in community outreach, organizing children’s events, iftar planning, sisters’ get-togethers, refugee relief efforts, and enjoys working with her fellow Women’s Committee and Executive Committee members to better serve the community.

Rubina has also been active in the MCF’s Cub Scout Pack 786. She serves as a den leader for the Webelos and Arrow of Light scouts. She enjoys nurturing the children’s love of the outdoors and bringing new and exciting experiences to all scouts but especially making sure girls always have the same opportunities as boys.

In her free time, Rubina enjoys reading, learning to sew, and spending time with her family and their two cats.

Tamanna Islam

Women’s Affairs

Tamanna has been a member of MCF’s Women’s Committee since 2021 and looks forward to being able to serve Allah (SWT) by serving the local Folsom Muslim Community, especially the needs of the women of MCF.

Professionally, she is a Senior Software Engineer at Intel’s Folsom campus. Born and raised in Bangladesh, Tamanna has been a resident of Folsom since 2006. She has two kids, and her husband, Ejaz Mahfuz, also works at Intel. In her free time, Tamanna enjoys reading, writing, and traveling.

Board of Trustees

Deya Dean Elghassein

Chairman of the Board

Originally from Gaza, Palestine, Deya has been a resident of Folsom since 1991 and is one of the founding members of the Muslim Community of Folsom. He has spent almost a decade serving in an official capacity in various roles on MCF’s Board and served as one of the original architects of the organization’s bylaws.

Deya is a registered professional engineer working for the California Department of Transportation. He is the father of three lovely boys and enjoys spending his free time barbecuing with family and friends, playing soccer, and practicing his cooking.

Amjad Khan

Trust Secretary

Shahriar Akramullah


Shahriar Akramullah serves as a Trustee on MCF’s Board and has played an active role in the community for many years. Professionally, Shahriar is an expert in the field of video technology and holds many patents related to video compression and signal processing. In his spare time, Shahriar loves to read religious texts and references and spend time with his family and friends.

Samir Alaswad


Samir Alaswad has served as a Trustee on MCF’s Board for the past five years but has been involved in MCF for much longer than that. He has watched the community grow from a small collection of a few families to the thriving and diverse group that it is today. Samir has been a practicing dentist for over 20 years and has lived in Folsom since 2004. He is married with four children and loves outdoor activities, especially fishing.

Tahmid Rahman


Tahmid Rahman, has been involved with the MCF community since 2002 when he came to Folsom due to a job offer from Intel. Prior to that he was pursuing a masters degree at Texas A&M University. Tahmid grew up in Dhaka, Bangladesh and is passionate about community based activism and faith based initiatives. Tahmid believes in the motto of building one step at a time for a brighter future for the next generation of Muslims in this locality. He is a marketing professional working on non-volatile storage and SSDs for data centers, and now works at Solidigm, a new startup that was created as an Intel spin-off. In his spare time, Tahmid enjoys exploring the natural beauty of Folsom and surrounding areas through the various trails and bike paths around the city.

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