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MCF x Muhsen Weekend Summary

The last Friday of the month of Muharram was one of the long overdue occasions for the Muslim community of Folsom. Our Masjid hosted the central team of Muhsen, including founder Sr Joohi Taahir, who was the guest of honor for the panel discussion of this event.

The idea of the event was to spread awareness among our community regarding the stigma faced by special needs families and what Muhsen is doing to counter that stigma and create an inclusive environment at our Masjid, as was the norm during the time of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

The Imam started the discussion by shedding an Islamic perspective on differently abled individuals with several stories from the time of our Prophet (SAW) and how he set an example for others on how to treat individuals with special needs with not just respect but also empower them to the best of their (dis)abilities.

The event then turned to special needs families from our community who shared their struggles and suggestions on providing more support to such individuals and families. Overall the event was well received by our community, Alhamdulillah, exemplified by the number of people who attended the event from start to finish.

On Saturday afternoon, Br Amman (Volunteer coordinator) from the Central Muhsen team conducted a training session to equip volunteers from our community to serve special needs individuals better.

This was followed by an Ice Cream social event and a youth workshop in the evening which aimed at introducing our community youth to special needs kids and families.

Thank you all for your continuous support!

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