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To establish an active Masjid, adhering to Islamic principles, with a welcoming environment, high-quality services, a platform for community engagement, and ideas to flourish that bring benefits to Muslims and our wider communities.

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Daily Prayers

  • MCF is open for Fajr, Maghrib, and Isha.
  • For Dhuhur and Asr’s availability, call (916) 850-0786.

October 1, 2022

Fajr5:48 AM6:15 AM
Dhuhr12:55 PM1:30 PM
Asr5:05 PM5:15 PM
Maghrib6:53 PM6:53 PM
Isha8:02 PM8:15 PM

Juma’a Khutba


Juma'a Khutba | 1:15 pm

Juma'a Iqama | 1:30 pm
Khateeb | Mufti Aamir Nazir

Juma'a Khutba (Youth) | 4:00 pm

Juma'a Iqama (Youth) | 4:15 pm

Juma’a is broadcasted LIVE on Youtube.

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