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Spiritual Leader

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Aamir Nazir

Imam Aamir has been leading the Folsom Muslim Community for almost a decade. During that time, he has focused on the community’s spiritual development and an emphasis on Outreach activities and Youth development.
He regularly speaks at churches, schools, and social organizations. He plays and follows many sports, especially Soccer and Cricket!
  • Serving as the Imam in Folsom for 15+ years
  • Completed his Ijazah in the 10 qira’aat saghir and kabeer, and sciences of recitation
  • A Mufti (specialization in Fiqh and Ifta/Islamic legal verdicts)
  • Actively involved with local MSAs in High schools and colleges
  • Regularly lectures at events  in Sacramento
  • Khateeb at Sacramento Area Masaajid
  • Lectures at interfaith programs and outreach events
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