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Local Udhiya/Qurbani Options [Eid is Tuesday Aug 21st]

Eid Ul Adha Udhiya/Qurbani information.
Udhiya information is provided for convenience only.

MCF does not promote any vendor and will not be responsible for any circumstance that may arise as a result of this information.
Kabul Bazar Quality Meat Market 
Self-slaughter or slaughter by the butcher. 
• Goat Starts from $285 and Lamb starts from $250 (includes cleaning and cutting), 

   • Contact: Br. Dean (916) 984-4700 to reserve.


Folsom Food Market:

Call Br Riad Folsom Food Market for prices @ 916-479-0722 


Qurbani with Br Asad 

Self-slaughter or slaughter by the butcher


• Lamb and Goats: $250 - $275

• Cleaning and cutting: 8 pieces

• Call Br Asad @ 916-673-7770 to reserve.


Ar-Razzaq Food Bank

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