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Volunteers needed for Winter Shelter program at MCF


MCF is working with a local organization called HART of Folsom to alleviate homelessness.

As part of this program, we will be hosting a limited number of local homeless people for a week from Dec. 24 to Jan. 1 in the suite between MCF and FEA.  The homeless will be staying from 6pm to 6am every night and will be fed dinner and breakfast. Other churches will host during the rest of winter.  This program has successfully operated for several years in surrounding cities.
Please support this great, local cause!  For any questions, please contact our outreach coordinator br. Zaid at zakhter@gmail.com or you can contact our cordinators of the program.
Site coordinator: Br Fiaz,  Receiver team: Br Ishfaq, Meal/Activity team: Br Abdul Khadir and Night captain: Br Deya


What is the Homeless Winter Shelter program?
Each night in winter (6pm to 6am), a Folsom faith-based organization will be hosting 10-20 local homeless people . The homeless will be provided with 2 meals (dinner & breakfast) and cots to sleep on. The location will rotate on a weekly basis.

Who is managing the Winter Shelter Program?
HART of Folsom. The HART program initiative seeks to enable community organizations to assist local homeless people. The HART program has been initiated in many other cities (such as Elk Grove and Citrus Heights). MCF is a founding member of HART of Folsom

When is MCF hosting the Winter Shelter program?
December 24th to January 1st. 

How will the homeless be using the facility?
They will primarily be using Suite 104 in building 381. (Also known as the old “insurance suite”). Meals for them will be prepared in the kitchen by MCF volunteers.

How can I help?
There are three areas MCF members can volunteer for:
- the Welcome Committee (6pm-8pm, Greet arriving guests, Distribute sleeping supplies, Eat dinner with guests)
-Overnight Stay (Ensure there is no loitering outside MCF at night, Wake up guests at 6am, Handout breakfast)
- the Meal and Activity team (6pm-8pm, Arrange dinner, board games, coffee, breakfast)
→ Sign-up online or by emailing one of the contacts listed below

Who can I contact if I have questions?
Please direct questions to our Education and Outreach coordinator Zaid Akhter (zakhter@gmail.com) and concerns to the MCF Executive Committee (news.mcf@gmail.com) 

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