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MCF Indoor Sports - Membership drive

Like last year, MCF volunteers have arranged indoor sports facility at Folsom middle school Gym for the Muslim community this year too.

It is available to all brothers, sisters and youth for regular games and tournaments.

Facility accommodates 8 badminton or 3 Volleyball or 3 Basketball courts on a wooden floor and, can also be configured mix and match such as 4Badminton, 1 Volleyball and a hoop simultaneously. This will be adjusted/configured depending upon the interest.

With some funds remaining from last year reservations were done till month of septemeber.  

The organizing committee would like to kick start membership drive for the 2017-18 season.

Due to changes in booking cost, the new membership cost will be $100.  This will cover us for about 30 weeks including winter Saturday bookings for rental, custodial fee and insurance IA. We urge to you fill up theMembership form available at this link as soon as possible.

As of today we have only ~20 registrations and to run this program successfully, atleast 40 to 45 members are needed. If by this friday we are not having enough registrations then probably we will stop this program by end of this month. 

For details of Cost analysis, please refer to the following documents or feel free to contact  any of the organizers:

Available funds: Click here

New Membership cost : Click here

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